10 Ways to Get Perfect Skin in 2 Weeks


9. Avoid Hot Water

Hot water causes your skin to dry out and can even cause mild burn. The result is red, scaly, and even swollen skin that can take as much as two hours to recover. Plus, if you use too much soap or shower gel, you can destroy the protective layer of your skin. As a result, it will not retain sweat and dirt along with nourishing moisten and oils. Unfortunately, in the cold season hot showers only exacerbate the situation. Warm showers are okay, but you don’t want to see steam wafting up around you. In addition, I advise you to try contrast and cold showers. I know, it will be terrible at first. The main point here is not to torment yourself. Start with 30 seconds of cold water and gradually enhance it to 5 minutes. If you try, you will notice positive changes in two weeks. Cold water stimulate blood circulation; as a result your skin cells receive more air. Furthermore, you will divert such diseases like hypertonia, varicosity and hyperhidrosis. As a bonus, cold shower improves your mental skills. It will surely help you to wake up in the morning and to feel fresh and full of energy during the day. Isn’t it what you need?