Skip the Sweets! Give Your Kids a Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


7. Heart shaped decorations

This Valentine’s Day make some heart shaped decorations with your kids and decorate your home to set the holiday spirit. You can write something nice about each other on hearts and display your artworks as well as your love for one another. This is a great and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without candies.

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This year, make Valentine’s Day healthier and more special for your family and friends. Skipping the sweets on Valentine’s Day is not as difficult as most of us think. When your children are busy and active, they are less likely to beg you for the sweets. I suggest that you don’t buy the sweets at all, or at least keep them out of sight so that your little ones can’t reach or see them. Are you going to use any of these ideas? How are you going to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas, please.