10 Instant Ways to Contour Your Face


8. Diagonal Strokes to Thin Your Cheeks

Most of us think that the thinner cheeks, the better. This can be easily done through some shades and just a little bit of patience. It is known that vertical lines make things look slimmer, and vice versa, horizontal lines bring fullness. Vertical lines would look unnaturally on your face that is why diagonal strokes are used in order to make the face look more stretched. The diagonal application of a shade of foundation that is darker than your skin can be used to thin your cheeks. Start at the center of your cheek and stroke toward your ear using an upward motion. It can help to make a “fish face” while doing this so that you know where to put the color (on the upper side of the depression created). Once the darker color is applied, blend it together with the highlight color to produce smooth transitions. At this step the tones should be carefully chosen, because if you pick a tone which is too dark for your complexion, it will show up too much and your cheeks won’t look naturally. I recommend you to choose a color approximately two tones darker, and while creating transitions try not to dilute the colors towards your mouth.