10 Instant Ways to Contour Your Face


3. Highlighting Powder

Highlighting powder is something that can instantly improve your beautiful face. It provides you gleaming appearance, if applied properly. This trick gives an impression of glowing from within. In the process of choosing a highlighting powder you should definitely take care of the tone of your skin. In case sallowness is inherent to your skin, highlighters of pink colors will surely stand out, but if your skin is rather pale, powder of pink shades will do excellent job for you.

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Highlighting powder should be two shades lighter than your foundation. You will want to use this only on the brightest highlight areas of your face (cheekbones mostly). Remember to dab it on. If you do brush, do so with short, gentle, circular strokes to avoid moving your foundation. Giving your skin a moisturized look is the main aim when using highlighter. This procedure makes you look as if you have recently moisturized your skin, though it doesn’t mean that your face will look too glossy. When buying a highlighter, make sure you try it on the back of your hand blending it well. Your goal is to buy a highlighter that will provide your skin with a soft light, not a beauty product that will make you look older.