10 Vintage Beauty Tips to Use More Often


8. Rose oil

When the poets of yesterday spoke of their girlfriends’ rosy lips and cheeks, they meant it.  The oil from rose petals has been used since time immemorial for both its color and fragrance, and it gives a more natural look than many modern products. Nowadays beauty products, contain rose oil are quite expensive. But there is a variety of homemade recipes to try with this miraculous liquid. Rose oil is suitable for all skin types, even though it works more wonders to dry, sensitive and aging skin types. You can also improve you cream with the help of rosy oil. Just add several drops of the oil per every tablespoon of cream. Thoroughly mix the ingredients with a stick and put it in a cold dark place.

If you don’t have ready-made oil, simply squeeze rose petals until their juice begins to come out, then dab it on cheeks, lips or anywhere else a glow would be nice. If you have oily skin type, try to avoid using pure oil on your T-zone – this area doesn’t need too much moisture. Rose oil can also be used in aroma therapy, as it produces a wonderful sedative effect.