10 Vintage Beauty Tips to Use More Often


5. Ragging

Curlers were coming in during the 1940s, but many women still used an earlier method.  Called ragging, it involves wrapping small sections of hair around rolled rags to induce curls.  You have to sleep on it to get the look right, but rags are a lot more comfortable to sleep in than curlers. Moreover, they will never damage your hair as an iron curler. One of the minuses of such method is that your curls may look too twisted and unevenly shaped as you are unable to regulate the size of the locks. It is suitable for those who tend to have a lush hair-dress. Plus, you risk having a headache in the morning if you put the rags too close to your scalp. However, if you decide to try this tip remember that it would be easier to curl clean and a little bit wet hair, though most women think it’s better to curl their hair when it’s a little dirty. I have always heard about it, but I don’t think a dirty hair will look gorgeous, even if it’s curled. I usually use this vintage beauty tip when I need a beautiful hairstyle and when I’m on a tight budget.