What V-Day Would Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign



The adventurousness of the Archer always has them paving new roads when it comes to the idea of romance and displays of affection. Sagittarius seeks to engage with those around them and make them feel joy, even if those friends and family members are single.

Moreover, Sagittarius will gather up everyone on their friend list to do something fun, like checking out the new Fifty Shades movie or skydiving. Actually, that does not sound like a bad suggestion for you and your partner, either, does it? Make a wild suggestion this Valentine’s Day, while out and about or in the bedroom. Or both.


The sheer determination and work ethic of Capricorns often drives them to go for cheaper Valentine’s Day outings, even if that means going it alone. See, the trick is, if Capricorn is single, Valentine’s Day is just another day. They do not mind not having a date because that saves money.

But if Capricorn is in a relationship, then things can get a little tricky. Dear Capricorn, to make life easier for your significant other, communicate your expectations or drop little hints. For example, “I heard my best friend’s boyfriend saying he was going to have flowers delivered to her desk. Isn’t that sweet?”