What V-Day Would Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Spiritual yet laidback, Pisces is an ideal wingman or wingwoman on Valentine’s Day. They are stable rocks for those who get emotional about the romance holiday, so do not be surprised if friends come to cling to you, Pisces.

A casual date will serve you the best this Valentine’s Day. Plan something that feels good deep down, like couple’s yoga, or sharing some spaghetti and watching cheesy movies on Netflix. That way, whether you are single, on a date, or with a loved one, all the bases are covered.

Valentine’s Day means that love is in the air. Since the zodiac sign plays an active role in your passions, romance, and love style, it makes sense that it would affect how your spend the most passionate holiday of the year. Some signs prefer to stay forever alone while others need another by their side, so make sure you are doing your sign right.