7 Unique Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Child


7. Child’s portrait

My cousin got a tattoo of his daughter’s portrait a few years ago when Jessica was about 5 month old. His tattoo is so cute and catchy that everyone notices he is already a dad who loves his daughter and is not afraid to show it. As Jess grows older, she becomes more and more proud of having such a great daddy.

When choosing a tattoo to symbolize children, the best results come from the most personalized designs. Many customers wait until they get to the tattoo parlor and pick out a design from the wall, such as a stock heart with a banner. A better tattoo experience includes researching the personal design in advance.

However, you should always talk to the tattoo artist about the design before getting the tattoo. The tattoo artist’s experience can help with special details, or warn against a particular body location for the size of the design.

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A parent using a tattoo to honor the addition of a child to the family is not alone. This is one of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo.

Parents should carefully consider the symbols that mean the most to them about their children, and visit an experienced tattoo artist to discuss the final design. Getting your tattoo artist on board about the design is important to make sure the body art looks amazing.