7 Truthful Things Men Don’t Tell You


7. You are too emotional when you have PMS

If you have a caring and loving man in your life, he will always understand that involving you in some meaningful conversation during your PMS is not a good idea. It’s not a secret for you how nervous, irritable, and scary you can be these days. But your ideal man will never tell you that.

He will try hard to keep calm and reserved even at such terrible moments when you can cry and shout at him without any reason. We should be proud of our patient men as that is tough work to cope with our monthly moods.

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Now you can understand that it can be hard for some men to show their feelings and share their thoughts. You should never make your boyfriend guilty because of that.

He surely loves you very much, and he is quite an emotional guy, just he can’t speak so easily about certain things. In order to know men better, we need some time and experience.

Do you have a boyfriend? Does he often express his feelings and emotions, or does he try to hide them from you?