10 Tricks to Motivate Your Child to Learn Better


10. Keep calm and optimistic

When a child has poor results in his studies most parents imagine his uncertain future. Just because your child is concerned about playing computer games and spending time with friends doesn’t mean he won’t succeed in life. Your fears and anxiety are understandable, but if you focus your attention on negative things only, they appear to be in the limelight. Instead, try to reinforce your child’s advantageous features. Perhaps your kid is helpful, kind-hearted or an animal lover.

Give up controlling and retributive strategies of behavior since they are basically disastrous and useless. Try to name five positive features with your child for one negative and you will see that your kid has a lot to be proud of! Anyway, you cannot look to the future and predict his destiny. That’s why stop nagging and worrying and be sure to love your kid!

Remember that life is not only about schooling and grades. Apart from studying, your child has many other activities to enjoy like spending time with friends, playing, family activities and volunteering. Instead of struggling over your child’s progress you can help him with socialization and becoming a responsible citizen. Understand and accept your kid. How do you motivate your children to learn better?