7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


6. Wear lipstick

This tip is for those women who don’t usually wear lipstick or gloss. Since a photograph can slightly wash you out, it can leave you look lipless when the photo is developed. So I highly recommend you to wear some lipstick or gloss to create a smile that’s incredibly beautiful. Try a bright red or shiny pink, but make sure it looks completely natural. Remember the previous tip, don’t you?

Make sure that the color of your lipstick goes with the color of eye shades, blush and, what is the most important, your skin tone. Avoid using deep berries, bronze and rosy tints even if you think it is captivating. These tones will add several years to your look and emphasize all the imperfections of the skin. Before applying your lipstick, it’s recommended to use a neutral lip liner.

This way, you won’t bother during the session whether everything is ok with your lips. For a more natural look, choose matte tones since they look much more expensive on your lips. Add a drop of gloss to make your lips more sensitive. If you are not going to use any eye shadow, opt for a red lipstick and black eyeliner. Don’t forget about a simple and sincere smile.