7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


5. Natural make-up

Applying make-up for photos is a little bit different than applying your everyday make-up. If you want to look great in any photo, opt for a natural make-up. When your make-up is bright, your look may appear over-exaggerated on camera and you may end up looking like a clown in the photo.

However, if it is a thematic photo session, you can experiment with the most various and boldest colors of eye shades, lipsticks and blushes. If it’s not, you’d better consult a professional make-up artist. They are often experienced when it comes to photographs and can teach you several basic secrets of “photo-makeup.” Also, try to avoid intricate hair styles and clothes unless it’s a fancy-dress ball.

Hide all the imperfections, apply some highlighter and a bit of mascara. I would also recommend you to have a sound sleep before you are going to get your pictures taken. This way, you’ll achieve a natural blush, even complexion and refreshed skin. I think this is the best make-up ever! However, if you want to add some accents to your eyes or cheeks, choose palettes of golden, beige and drown shades and peach or rosy blush. Look for composed palettes marked “nude.”

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