7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


4. Turn your body sideways

Successful photos are usually obliged to successful pose. If you stand straight facing the lens of the camera, it will add more width to the body. To avoid it, slightly turn your body sideways when you are getting your photo taken. This way, you will look awesome no matter your weight. To create a slimmer silhouette, pop your knee a little bit.

In addition, you will be able to display all the alluring curves of your face, neck and shoulders. However, this pose may be rather treacherous if you work with an inexperienced or amateur photographer. Make sure he takes pictures at the proper height so that you won’t look shorter than you are. To help the situation, ask the photographer to shoot only the upper part of your body.

Another thing to pay attention to is the light. Incorrect light and shadow combination can deface the most beautiful appearance. On the other hand, good light can conceal a bad skin, unnecessary pounds and wrinkles, so you will not need to appeal to Photoshop. Thus, if you don’t get your photos taken in a studio, make sure there’s enough light outside. As a side note, I would recommend taking photos at the sunset.