7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


3. Stand with your arms at your sides

When it comes to taking photos, people often don’t know what to do with their arms. As a result they look strained and uneasy. Some people try to clap their hands; others intend to hide them behind their back. Actually, both variants aren’t bad when you feel confident. However, if you’re at a loss with your arms here’s one trick for you.

When you stand with your arms at your sides, you look more natural, and this creates a wonderful photo. When you stand with your arms crossed, you may look serious and unhappy.. Don’t keep your arms super straight or rigid, simply let them hang loosely and comfortably at your sides. You will be astonished at how wonderful you look, I promise. You can also try different poses with your pockets or belt.

For example, by keeping your hands in pockets you will relax your shoulders, neck and back, thus it will make you look more confident and natural. Play with your bag, scarf or anything you find in your hands! The most important thing when taking photos is to have fun! Thus, do not pretend to look too serious. As an added bonus, spontaneous emotions and gestures look much more interesting and unique!