7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


2. Turn your face to the right

Research claims that we tend to show more emotion on the face’s left side, so when being photographed, turn your head a little bit to the right to look more appropriate for the occasion. This will leave you looking more natural and happier. In addition, this trick will help you to set off the coquettish curve of your eyebrow and the apple of your cheekbone.

Keep in mind that looking straight into the camera can make all your imperfections, such as big nose or broad forehead, come out. Moreover, straight look is more aggressive, especially if you don’t smile. Practice in front of your mirror to find the best pose and appearance. Ask your best friend to conduct a testing photo session, so that you can judge the best look.

Last year I ordered a photo session to learn the secrets of ideal face expression from the professional and I learnt many interesting and useful things. I would also recommend you to experiment with your hair. While loose hair is always a great option, you can also try to place it from the left or right side of your face and see which variant is better. You can also braid your hair or create a stylish up-do.

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