7 Tips for Studying Over Summer


Even though summer is meant for having a good time and fun in the sun, it’s also perfect for keeping up with your learning! You know it’s so easy for all that knowledge you’ve gained to slip from your mind during vacation. But don’t worry! I’ve got a list of some excellent ways to study over your summer vacation!

1. Attend summer classes

A lot of high schools and colleges offer summer classes that allow you to study during long, summer months. Summer classes are really great idea! If you finish off a few summer classes, you will not worry about them during your school year! This means you will be one step further than everyone else!

2. Study with your friends

Summer vacation is all about relaxing and hanging out with friends, isn’t it? Studying with your friends is one the easiest ways to combine spending time with friends and studying! You can arrange to meet up at your house or someone’s house and ask everybody to bring something to study from, for example, flashcards or textbooks.

3. Do some research

Doing some individual research with books or online can be extremely helpful! Choose the topic you’re interested in and start researching! I love researching, since I always find some really great and interesting things that I didn’t even know before. Try to do some research on the classes you’re planning to take and you’ll be extra prepared for them!

4. Think of summer camps for high students

Instead of attending summer classes, you can also go to a summer program for two weeks! Do some research about the program or camp to make sure it’s right for you. Many colleges offer on-campus camps and classes, which are usually specific to one type of interest such as engineering or business. These programs are not only good to keep up with school, but also they look perfect on college resumes! Unfortunately, most of these programs do cost money.

5. Go to the library

Not everyone likes to go to libraries during the summertime, but it’s actually one of the best ways to study over summer! I love to go to the library and get some new books about topics that I do not know about. Plus, my library has air-conditioning, so it’s really fun and comfortable to learn new things in quiet and cool place!

6. Online education

One of my favorite websites is called lumosity.com. This site offers an excellent brain workout in the form of puzzles and games! Websites for education are really great since they are easily accessible! Check out some websites designed for learning but be sure that the sites are credible so you don’t learn the wrong information!

7. Review the material from school

If you haven’t thrown away all of your school books and papers yet, it’s great! Because using them is another good way to study during summer vacation! Keep all of those precious worksheets and notes in a drawer or box for the summer time! It’s one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the next school year and keep your brain active during those long summer months!

Studying during the summer vacation isn’t a perfect way to spend your time away from school, but it has some good benefits! Well, girls, do you enjoy studying during your summer vacation?