9 Tips for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree


8. Put on a Topper

Certainly you should put the top on your tree before decorating it with bulbs. Maybe for somebody it can sound a bit strange. But believe me it is reasonable. If you decide to put glass bulbs first and other ornaments and after that to add a topper, it can be dangerous. It’s really difficult to choose among an enormous variety of toppers which you can find at stores. First of all, your option will depend on the color and theme of your tree. Still you can rely on some popular: snowflakes, a star, an angel, a lovely bow.

9. Finish with ornaments

Everybody knows that ornaments are very delicate and should be treated with special attention. That’s why it is necessary to set them when all the other decoration is put on the tree. Locate ornaments from top to bottom. Don’t forget about the back of the tree, add some inches there.

If you want to combine bulbs and special ornaments, it is important to use bulbs as the basis and after add ornaments. Consider the place where you put your favorite bulbs and ornaments. Make them both noticeable from distance.

Your Christmas tree will surely look more attractive and dreamlike if you take some natural material or even sweets for its decoration. Your children will be so glad to see and after to eat candies on the tree.

You should be more particular while decorating the bottom of the tree. Don’t put any expensive and valuable trims on this part of the tree. They can be easily reached by your kids or pets. Some more garlands will be a perfect decision.

Decorating Christmas tree is always fun. Read on and find out some of the best tips you may want to use…

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Some of the Most Useful Tips

  1. Put the tree near the window. Let everybody enjoy its incredible look.
  2. Don’t try to put all possible decorations on your tree. It’s not always of advantage.
  3. Try to keep your precious and special ornaments in boxes and safe places.
  4. Buy a tree with intact branches even if its price is a bit higher. It will stay longer in your home and it will not lose its needles very quickly.
  5. Purchase the bulbs after the holiday. You can use them the next year and the price will be lower.
  6. In order to keep your tree fresh and natural for longer time, put it into the bucket with water. To make it look aesthetic, cover the bucket with some bright and colorful cloth.
  7. When the holiday finishes don’t throw your tree away. There are so many services which can remove it and recycle.
  8. If you can’t afford a real tree you can use a few branches of pine or fir tree and decorate them elegantly. Or simply buy a fake tree.


  1. It is a well-known fact that Christmas trees are easily inflammable. That’s why be careful. Avoid using great numbers of lights.
  2. If you have some delicate ornaments keep in mind that they can be easily damaged or broken. Never put them on weak branches, in the bottom of the tree and on the edge.