10 Things Guys Notice First about You


7. Legs

Okay, it is not a surprise for you, I know. Most men love slim legs and this is another thing they notice about women. In the summertime, legs are one of the greatest attractions that a woman possesses. Calves are another thing men love about our legs. They love the way our legs look in skirt and shorts.

They love the way we cross our legs and they love to admire our knees. Despite the widespread stereotype about slim girls, men really love strong hips! They give a signal of your fertility and femininity.

If you don’t have long legs, don’t worry. Make sure you provide your legs with good treatment and any guy will notice them. I moisturize my legs each day and take care of my pedicure every other week. I don’t have long legs, but my partner says that my legs are more beautiful than long ones.