10 Things Guys Notice First about You


4. Weight

Weight is one of those things most men notice about women. It may sound shallow, but it actually makes sense. You’ve probably heard that men prefer women with curves, but you still catch evaluating glances on your thighs and legs. These glances can make you doubt that you’re beautiful. But, he’s not judging you, he’s just noticing.

If you are starving yourself to death in order to be skinny, you can breathe with relief and quit it! Studies show that not all guys like skinny girls. So find your comfortable healthy weight and stick to it. Stop dieting! Eat healthy food, exercise and you will never have to bother about your weight.

If he doesn’t like your body shape, don’t take it too personal. After all, a true love knows no barriers. If your crush doesn’t like your weight and he says it to you, he doesn’t deserve your time.