8 Great Things I Always Buy at Fall Garage Sales


8. Sports equipment

Don’t be afraid to haggle and you will surely get rewarding things for less than full price. My last year’s most fortunate purchase was a bicycle. It was absolutely new – its owner wasn’t really fond of cycling. When choosing a bicycle always take it for a spin to feel how it rides. Ask about the status of the brake pads, wheels and the way it has been stored. Apart from bicycles, you can find some sports accessories, fishing rods, exercise equipment and many more.

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When heading for a garage sale I take only $1 so that I can easily haggling. It’s so funny! If you want to get something valuable make sure you are an early bird. And, of course, you need to possess great patience to sort through all the lumber and odds and ends to find the real gems. But it’s worth it. What do you usually buy at fall garage sales?