10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


9. Paint nails with transparent color

Using a transparent nail polish is traditional. You can use tinted polish, however, to match the colors on the nail tips. This is a great way to have fun with the colors. For longer lasting polish, allow the first layer to dry completely and then add another one. Be sure to use slow, broad strokes to paint your nails so the end result will be nice and smooth.

How to choose the best nail polish for your French pedicure

Nowadays there are plenty of awesome nail polish colors to choose for a French pedicure. Gone are the days of using only white and transparent nail polishes for French manicure and pedicure. You can get creative and use two bold colors. If a bold look is not for you, opt for your favorite nail polish color as the base of your toenails and a bit lighter color for your tips.

If you want everyone to notice your toenails, opt for two bright nail polish colors from your favorite brands. My favorite combinations are blue with green tips and pink with black tips, though I spent lots of time looking for the perfect combinations. I suggest you to buy cheaper nail polishes to find your favorite combination and then consider buying more expensive brands.