10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


6. Apply stickers or templates

French pedicure templates are often found in the stores that sell cosmetics or you can buy them online. French pedicure templates are available in different sizes and shapes – round and rounded. But straight templates are mostly used for French pedicure.

You can use round stickers or specially designed French pedicure templates to expose only the part of your toenail you intend to paint. Press firmly along the edges to prevent the polish from leaking under the edge. It’s best if the sticker goes over the skin at the sides of your toes, as well.

If you don’t have any stickers and templates for your French pedicure, you may want to try to do your pedicure using tape. Yes, you read that right. I often use tape when I want to give myself French pedicure or manicure, but don’t have templates. Simply cut small pieces of clear tape and apply them to your toenails just like you apply French pedicure templates or stickers. Sure, it may not be convenient to use tape instead of French pedicure templates, but when you are on a budget or you just don’t have templates and don’t have time to buy them, tape is the best option, at least for me.