10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


4. Clean your nails

Remove any excess lotion and nail polish from your toenails with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. This step is essential if you want to avoid issues with the nail polish sticking to your nails. Allow the remover to dry for five minutes after you have wiped the nails. You can also wash your toenails with soap and warm water to clean them of excess lotion and remover. Dry your toenails with a towel and let them air dry for a few minutes before you start shaping them. If you want to get a soft and nice square shape, you should file your toenails in one direction until they are smooth and rounded at the corners.

Avoid using a metal file since it can rip your toenails. It’s always a good idea to use professional nail files such as a crushed stone nail file or a glass nail file. Many women think that any cheap nail file is perfect for pedicure, but this small thing can make a huge difference. I’m certainly not promoting buying super expensive nail files, but quality is what really matters here. Invest in a high quality nail file to do your pedicure faster and make it look more beautiful.