7 Spring-Summer Fruits You Should Be Eating More


7. Rhubarb

It may surprise you as it did surprise me, but rhubarb is a fruit too! Well, you may call it whatever you like, but the main thing about it is its popularity and amazing taste. Rhubarb is one of the first spring fruits that you can enjoy right now.

You can try rhubarb in pies, tarts, jams, and even soufflés. Any recipe that needs fruits in it will taste great with this funny little plant! Rhubarb is wonderful source of Vitamin C that helps to maintain a healthier immune system. Due to its low sodium and saturated fat contents, rhubarb helps to prevent heart related diseases.

It’s always a great idea to consume fruits year round, but when it comes to spring and summer, the options are endless. Fruits are fortified with powerful nutrients that help you feel better and look better.

What are your favorite spring/summer fruits?