7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


7. Make Sure You Have Various Interests

Watching TV? Going out? Reading newspapers? Are you sure you have real hobbies? Neither am I … How can you interest anybody if you have nothing to talk about with passion? It’s not only our appearance that makes us beautiful and attractive, our passion for something is even more crucial.

A girl who has lots of different hobbies and interests is mysterious and unique for every guy. He will be amazed by any unusual hobby that you have. If you still don’t get any idea what to do in your free time, I advise you to switch to some useful activity that will definitely draw attention of the guy you love and arouse his curiosity. The basic rule you should stick to is to be natural and never lie to him. You shouldn’t practice yoga if you hate it, but know that it’s his cup of tea. Don’t also try bungee jumping only to catch his attention if you are frightened to death. There are hundreds of ways to spend your time with pleasure. You may try numerous activities like doing sports, volunteering or handcraft to be different from others. As an added bonus, going in for any new activity will surely bring new people into your life and broaden the circle of your friends.

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It may be quite challenging to intrigue a man and be always mysterious to him. All you can do is to be yourself, preserve your individuality and never show off your intimate feelings. I hope that all these tips will be helpful for you and you will manage to build a happy relationship with your sweetheart. Have you ever tried any of these ways to impress your man? Which tricks do you use to attract attention of the guy you like?