7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


5. Be Unreadable

Whether you are happy or sad, your face will always show your emotional state so that people who surround you can understand your feelings without any words. Therefore, you need to control your facial expressions whenever you meet the man you are interested in. Surely, your face should express your reaction to what he says, but still you must not be too emotional. For instance, if a guy tells you a funny story, you may laugh a little, because your serious behavior will make him think that he is boring. Your modest manners and composed face will give him no other choice but to muse about your thoughts. This is a nice way to be mysterious to him. Another plus of managing your emotions is keeping your private things private. Imagine the situation: your boyfriend and you dine out. Suddenly you notice your ex coming and sitting the next table. Do not grow red or pale even if you were together for 3 years. Simply nod your head and continue talking with your boyfriend. If he is curious about this mysterious nod, tell him it’s an old acquaintance. I would recommend you to think carefully before saying something categorical. You shouldn’t control every word as spontaneous things are always to the point. Just make sure your thoughts are not flat.

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