7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


4. Don’t Be a Sharer

We have a pair of ears, a couple of eyes and only one mouth. How do you think why is it so? To watch and listen more and speak less. Read on to grasp what I mean.

It is believed that almost all women like talking a lot, especially if they are asked about their personal life. Nevertheless, we must realize that men don’t get pleasure from communication with chatty girls. If he asks you some question, it doesn’t mean you should start speaking about yourself without a pause. I would not recommend you to focus much on your personality, instead try to discuss some general topics that can be interesting for your interlocutor as well. Speaking about life, hobbies, problems, sport and politics will help both of you to reveal your life views and see whether you have something in common. Remember that health relations are impossible without agreement on some basic issues. Try to learn more about his life. Be sure that he will value it – everybody is willing to talk about their personality. Observe his behavior and draw conclusion about him. Don’t tell everything about yourself, leave some mystery for your wooer. Or end your sentences so that he will want to ask you more. The main thing you have to keep in mind while talking to a man is to avoid his boredom and awaken his desire to learn more about you.