7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him


2. Listen

Being a good listener is a great talent that will help you to attract the guy you like. You need to listen to him attentively; however, you shouldn’t try to be fascinated by all his words. Just make sure you pay heed to small details and finally he will be curious about you. If in a few months you’ll be able to remember some of the moments he told you about, he’ll be extremely impressed by your attentiveness to him. To emphasize your concern about a man’s problem you may ask him several questions, but don’t be too insistent as it will only turn him away from you. You can also work on your listening skills.

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Here are some tips I would recommend you to remember. Use your body to confirm that you understand him. Nod when you agree, and shake your head when sympathize. The distance between you is also of great importance: too close distance is quite aggressive, and too far means that you are indifferent. When listening to him, try to push your body a little bit forward. It usually means that the partner is a willing and interested listener. Finally, remember everything he says, otherwise all the mentioned tips won’t help!