11 Simple Ways to Become Your Own Best Friend


7. Follow Your Instincts

It is natural that all human beings have gut instincts that can be extremely valuable for them. Unfortunately, we rarely use our instincts and often choose to listen to recommendations of those who surround us. Actually, nobody knows what is good and what is bad for you. Thus, you should follow your instincts and you will manage to protect yourself from misfortune.

8. Be Your Own Leader

Having made up your mind to go out and spend a wonderful time, you don’t need to have a company of friends with you. Nowadays there is a wide range of choices that will provide an unforgettable amusement to you. Just follow your instincts and point yourself into the right direction. Be careful if you decide to take pleasure from the night life.

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9. Go to Your Favorite Place

As a rule, when we are sad and frustrated, we prefer to talk to our friends and family who can improve our mood and help to solve the problem. At the same time, most of us realize the necessity of being alone at such moments. Despite the fact that your friends are eager to help you, it would be reasonable to spend some time alone to cool your emotions and shed the light on the things. Think of your favorite place that makes you happy and go there for a while. For every person it can be different place. For example, you may admire picturesque landscapes of the local park, visit an art gallery or simply sit in the café and have a cup of tea.

10. Visit Spa

You’ve been working hard for the whole week and you are completely exhausted now. So, it’s high time to leave your troubles behind and indulge yourself. Visiting spa is a perfect chance for you to be alone, relieve stress and care for your body. Look for the spa that will offer various services at a reasonable price.

11. Listen to Your Playlist

Undoubtedly, your friends have numerous preferences in music and when you meet with them, you’ll have to listen to those genres of music which are not to your taste. Surely, it will not please you, especially if you are upset. I’m convinced that you have a special playlist of your favorite tunes that can cheer you up at the moments of sadness. Listening to this collection is an effective way to become the best friend to yourself.

If you want to have plenty of good friends around you, you should start being your own friend first. This way, you’ll be able to discover your inner world and understand who you are. Besides, you will have an opportunity to find out who your true friends are. Do you know any other ways that can help you love and appreciate yourself?