10 Salon Beauty Treatments You Should Never Try at Home


7. Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are simply hard to do because of the places you need to reach and the ties you need to make. While it may be remotely possible to pull off a great result at home, chances are much better that you’ll end up with a mess that even a professional will have trouble overcoming. Hair extensions are best left to a second pair of hands.

While removal of hair extension can be done at home, they must be applied only by a professional. The procedure itself is rather intricate.

Hair extension are placed on the small section of hair, crisscrossed, plaited together and covered with a bonding solution. I can hardly imagine doing this procedure at home.

Hair extensions look gorgeous, but they are rather expensive. But again, you don’t have to do it if you can’t afford it. I know many women who have short hair, but they look fantastic and they don’t even think about hair extensions because they know that hair extensions can damage their natural hair.

The glue can burn and split the hairs and you will constantly have to have your hair trimmed. The best option is to consult the specialist and discuss all the pros and cons of hair extensions for your hair.