10 Reasons to Pamper Yourself Monthly


10. Increased Caregiving Capacity

As a caregiver to an elderly or chronically ill loved one, you expend a lot of physical and emotional energy. Add the duties of caregiving to a demanding job and you have the formula for serious burnout.

If you are a primary caregiver to another person, you owe it to yourself to pamper yourself on a regular basis, if only to ensure that you have the necessary physical and emotional resources to carry out your caregiving duties. Reminding yourself that you’re indulging in a massage, a facial or even a night out with your friends to ensure that you are there for your mom or your disabled son should alleviate any feelings of selfishness you might have.

There are many important reasons why you should pamper yourself at least once a month. After all, you deserve a little pampering now and again, ladies.

How often do you pamper yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.