10 Reasons to Love Drugstore Beauty Products


8. Try it before You Buy it

You won’t be able to try shampoo or body wash before you buy it, but you can usually test out foundation, concealer, or other makeup products before you commit to a purchase. Ask a drugstore employee if there are any samples you can try if you don’t see any. They might open up a few and add a ‘sample’ sticker to give you a chance to test. The great news is that you can try the beauty product for free, without paying any cent for it. In addition, you can take the amount of the product that you need, not just a small drop, which is unusual for most department stores. Do a little research, and you might even get your free samples by mail.

Personally I can’t buy foundation or concealer without trying it, and I’m satisfied with the attitude to the buyers’ desire in the drugstore. When I’m going to purchase a few beauty products, I always try them out, if possible, and I recommend you to do the same. I know a few drugstores that even offer to try out facial cleanser or facial mask. This is one of my favorite reasons to love drugstore beauty products. I can always try them out and choose the best ones!

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