9 Quick Beauty Treatments to Do on Your Lunch Break


8. Get a Trim

You don’t always need a brand new hairstyle to rev up your looks. Just maintaining your tresses will go a long way to bolstering your look. You can simply have your ends and bangs trimmed for an instant beauty enhancement.

Your hair will look revived and healthy with just this simple trim. I always know that I have to visit my hair-dresser when I notice at least one of the following signs.

The most frequent token that I need a trim is when my ends become dry, dull and lifeless. In this case even the most wonder-working hair care products cannot help me.

Secondly, I notice that my hair ends begin to snap off and it seems my hair doesn’t get longer. It happens because of my frequent use of hair-dryer and iron. And this is the third reason to visit your hair-dresser.

If you use heat too often and as a result you have split ends, you need to get a trim. I don’t believe products with label “for split ends” that’s why the only way out for me is to remove them. I try to do my hair cut regularly – every two month – it helps to keep my hair strong and renewed.

Remember these simple options and enjoy your beautiful hairdo! It won’t take a capable stylist long to give you a quick trim up, but it helps to have an appointment so you can be in and out and back to work in no time with your great hair!

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