9 Quick Beauty Treatments to Do on Your Lunch Break


5. Clean Nails

While hitting the nail salon may involve more time than you can spare, you can still take care of your nails by enhancing them with a lemony-fresh cleaning and some shaping with a nail file. Be sure to bring a lemon with you to work.

On your break, simply cut the lemon in half and place your fingertips inside. You only need to keep them submerged in the lemon for about two minutes.

If longer, citric acid can damage you manicure and irritate the skin. Your nail whites will look whiter and you can then shape them as you like.

I used to add some olive oil to fortify my nails and to soften the cuticle. Then it’s easier to remove it and to shape the nail. After the procedure I always moisten my hands with hand lotion and put on cotton gloves for about five minutes.

I suggest you to do this before bed so that you can sleep with the gloves on your hand all night. But even 5 minutes during the break will strengthen your nail and prettify your hands.

Repeat the procedure at least two times a weak. This easy treatment is the perfect beauty enhancement to enjoy on your lunch break.

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