9 Quick Beauty Treatments to Do on Your Lunch Break


3. Moisturize Your Skin

A deep moisturizing session over your lunch break will have your skin feeling revitalized and ready to finish the day. Apply your favorite soothing lotion on all your visible skin to keep it protected from the elements and looking its best.

If you have severely dry and itchy skin, try to prepare such an ointment: take your usual body lotion, add 2 tsp. of warm water and drop a bit of lavender or rosy oil. They are wonderful natural exfoliants. Now you need a piece of soft cloth to spread over your face. Apply the mixture generously and cover your face with the cloth. In 10 minutes rub the remnants into the skin.

You’ll feel refreshed when your skin is treated to a nourishing lotion. I prefer using thermal water when I’m short of time, as it takes me just 2 minutes to sprinkle my face and let it dry. My skin gets oily in the T-zone till noon, therefore I cannot use creams or lotions.

Finally, if your skin is too sensitive, forget about creams that contain dyes and fragrances. Play some soothing music in the privacy of your office and you’ll feel quite relaxed before heading into your afternoon.