7 Popular Nail Color Combinations That Look Marvelous


3. Navy Blue and Silver

You can be sure that navy blue and silver will always look magnificent on your nails. These delicate and classic colors can be implemented anywhere in combination with different outfits and you will never be mistaken if you choose them. Make this dual color manicure for places like café, office or even church. It is a good option to emphasize your romantic style. A silver nail polish is a fantastic way to add subtle sparkle to your manicure. However, you should be careful not to overdo. Two silver nails will be enough to reach the desirable effect.

4. Orange and Pink

For most of us, orange and pink are generally associated with summer, positive emotions and joy. That’s why it will be a great decision to keep to this nail color combination during warm seasons to reflect your light mood. Being quite similar on the spectrum these colors will blend smoothly and give your nails fresh glow that you can enjoy for days. Besides, such manicure is an ideal match to your vivid summer clothes.

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