10 Low-Cost Ideas for a Summer BBQ


10. Plan for leftovers, but not too many

Have you ever looked at your table after a party and wondered what in the world you were going to do with all of that food? Sure, you’ll probably eat any leftover meat, but how many days in a row can you eat baked beans or fruit salad?

While running out of food is a huge faux pas, having so many leftovers that you’ll never be able to use is just throwing money in the trash. Be realistic about the amount of food that you need. If you think about the parties you’ve attended, how many have run out of food? It’s much more common to have way too much.

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A BBQ is all about casual fun. Take advantage of that atmosphere, and follow some of these cost-saving steps. You can be a great host without going into debt. Now that many people face financial problems, a budget-friendly BBQ is a great option to consider.

What’s your way to host a low-cost BBQ party? Share your hints with us, please.