7 Mistakes New Wives Make That Can Ruin a Marriage


7. Forgetting about your friends

When it comes to friends, a marriage is not a reason to give up your close friends. You need them and they need you. I had a close friend who forgot about our friendship after she got married.

Now, when she is in the process of divorce, she calls me and wants to be my best friend again, but I actually don’t want to have such friend though I wish you all the best. Do not make such an irreparable mistake and try to remember when you meet your friends last time. I think it’s high time to call them.

If your friends are also married, you will have much in common. It’s so cool to discuss your husbands, secrets of good relations and the changes in your life. Your friends are the people that will help, support and give advice no matter what.

Don’t neglect them, they don’t deserve it. I used to meet my close friends once a week. It’s enough to keep in touch and be aware of their lives.

Sometimes we have double dates and it is especially funny! So, don’t forget about your friends and make time to see them once in a while.

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Now you have it, some of the most common mistakes new wives make. Which of them did you make as a new wife? Do you know any other mistakes new wives make?