7 Mistakes New Wives Make That Can Ruin a Marriage


5. Disliking his family

It’s really one of the worst mistakes a new wife can make. There is no sense to dislike his family since they are the people who brought up your spouse.

Only due to them he is the man you fell in love with. Only due to them he has such a character, manners and life views. If you love him, learn to respect his family.

Don’t make an enemy of your husband’s mom, dad, his sibling or his best friend. Remember, he loves his family as well as his friends and even though he might side with you if there’s a conflict, you must avoid making this mistake.

Moreover, do not try to limit the time he intends to spend with them. They are an important part of his life, thus you have no moral right to forbid him to see his family.

To defuse tension, invite your own parents. In such a big company, your chances to have a conflict with his mother are minimal. Be kind and polite to his family and try to love them all. They will definitely love you and appreciate you for it.

Moreover, you can find much in common with his mom. They say that men get married to women who resemble them their moms. So, why not make use of it?