7 Mistakes New Wives Make That Can Ruin a Marriage


4. Taking over chores

Taking over all of the chores, including the finances, is another mistake almost every new wife makes. At the beginning of the marriage, both of you will think that it’s great when a wife takes over the finances, but it will actually wear on you later. Try to make decisions together.

Moreover, it can be offensive for him as a man when you take care of everything by yourself. It can lead to his indifference and irresponsibility. And you will soon blame him for unconcern.

Here are some rules that exist in my family. Budget is an important aspect of any family. That’s why we think together how to spend money regarding our priorities. The next activity we share is household duties.

From the very beginning we used to do everything together. For instance, when I cook dinner, my husband puts everything in order. Or, when he goes shopping, I clean the house.

When we moved in a new flat, it required certain repairs. You won’t believe, but this common activity was such a fun! I didn’t even think it was a hard work.

Moreover, common activity is a very good way to refresh your feelings. Teach each other your hobbies and the results will be amazing.