7 Mistakes New Wives Make That Can Ruin a Marriage


2. Taking out the trash

Perhaps it sounds silly, but this little thing can cause lots of problems in your marriage. Do you want to take the trash out all the time? Don’t do it.

Let your husband take out trash, he might do it without fights. For example, I like to leave little funny messages on the fridge if I want to remind my sweetheart something important.

A funny sentence on a pink piece of paper cannot irritate anybody. And it works! The main point here is the way you formulate the sentence.

Try to avoid categorical forms and use loving words and smileys instead. Another way to solve the problem is to establish a schedule. Take turns in this duty and nobody will get offended.

In any case, don’t slam the door, don’t break cups or blackmail! If you want to have a strong and happy family, you shouldn’t get angry at trifles.

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Think logically, if you cannot agree on this childish thing, what will happen when more serious issues arise? Develop a habit of taking out a trash each morning when you go to work. Just put the pack by the door.

Be sure, he won’t forget to take it. This simple tip will help to make your family life a bit easier.