10 Makeup Tips for Different Complexions


6. Matching Makeup Tones with Your Hair Color

Along with your skin color and your skin tone, your hair color plays a role in determining the best makeup colors. If your hair is dark brown or black and your skin is dark, your makeup palette should include bronze, copper and, navy blue gold.

Women with dark hair and fair skin should favor Cheek and lip colors that tend toward sheer pink.

Brunettes look great wearing earth tones around their eyes and coral or pink lip and cheek color.

Redheads often look fabulous wearing green eye shadow and pink cheek and lip colors.

Blondes with cool skin tones should opt for pink lip and cheek color and eye makeup in jewel tones. Blondes with warm skin tones should favor peachy lip and skin colors and eye colors in warm browns. Blondes with both warm and cool skin tones should almost always opt for brown mascara instead of black.

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