10 Makeup Tips for African-American Skin


3. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Too many women mistakenly stick with a neutral palette, thinking that they can’t get away with bold color choices. That’s not the case. Instead of shying away from color altogether, it’s important to know which shades work best for you.

Like Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian women, African American skin comes in a myriad of shades. This means that their skin tones run the gamut from cool to warm to neutral.

Knowing your undertones is essential for choosing compatible shades for your lips and eyes. Other factors should play into your color choices, as well.

For example, bold lips or dramatic eyes are a great style statement. But they should never be done together, or you run the risk of overdoing it. Pair bold eye color with pale or nude lips, and keep your eye look simple if your lipstick color is doing all the talking.

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