Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


7. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill

Photo: sunny

This couple has been married since 1996 and has 3 amazing daughters: Audrey, Gracie and Maggie. Recently Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill traveled together and arranged the dates around their children’s school timetables. They spent almost 18 years together but their feelings seem to be deep and strong. Recently there were a lot of rumors claiming that their relations are on the rock. However, Tim and Faith ensured the society that it was a complete hearsay. Though, Tim’s problems with alcohol, drugs and women are well-known.

Till 2008, he was often observed in drunken brawls and with other women. Faith’s attempts to save the family were often criticized, as most thought she deserved a better man. She frequently gave her husband an ultimatum – he could either stop all the mess or it was divorce.

But when he had to choose between his family and revelry, the choice was evident. Now the two amazing singers are absolutely happy and joyful. They managed to survive their ordeals. Tim and Faith believe that true love can overcome all the troubles. They bring up children, record songs and tour around the country.