Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


4. David and Victoria Beckham

Photo: frisky

David and Victoria Beckham got married in 1999 and had only 29 guests at their ceremony. No matter whether you are a fan of this couple or not, I think everyone can agree that for the number of public scrutinies David and Victoria Beckham are always under and how she seems to smile – this couple seems to have a really solid marriage.

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Victoria and David met in far 1997 and it took them half a year to understand that they loved each other. The most interesting thing is that Victoria wasn’t a football fan and she had no idea about who David was. Victoria gave birth to 4 amazing children: 3 sons and the youngest daughter. Victoria and David always help and support each other. Sure, such a beautiful couple has faced many rumors. But despite all hearsay, they proved to be a strong couple.