Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


11. Bono and Ali Hewson


Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife, admits that being married to her husband has not always been easy, but their shared memories keep their relationship strong. Bono and Ali have been married since 1982 and they have two beautiful daughters, Jordan and Memphis Eve, and two handsome sons, Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q and John Abraham.

Despite all rumors, Bono and Ali are still happy together! Bono and Ali display endless wisdom in their relationship. They let each other succeed in their careers and reach their goals. Ali was bringing up their four children while Bono toured around the world with his band. Bono finds her wife very independent and willful. She is a loving mother and a wonderful wife.

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With her famous status, Ali is a very modest and sincere person. That’s the reason why he still loves her. Ali always spurs Bono on new songs and achievements. At least half of all U2 songs are devoted to Mrs. Hewson. Though, she hates being called Bono’s wife as it always associates with his frequent absentees and her being alone. On the other hand, long separations help them not to take each other for granted and bring something new in their relationships. “After being apart I feel that I love him even more,” says Ali.