Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


10. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

Photo: david_shankbone

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have been married since 2000. In a recent interview, Michael Douglas said that he and his wife Catherine are doing well and that Catherine is the best wife and he supports her with everything. Even the great difference in the age is not a hindrance to their love and a happy marriage life.

Michael confesses that due to his life experience he realized and reappraised many things. The 69-year old actor says that the most important things in his life are family, children, and love. The couple has two wonderful children: son Dylan and daughter Carys.

After a short separation in 2013, they reconciled their relationship and still live together. Michael and Catherine said that they needed some time to think about their marriage. However, the actors admitted that they had never thought about split or divorce. They went through his throat cancer and her health problems together.

Strong faith and mutual concern helped 44-year old actress and her husband stand up to all the problems and difficulties on their way. Michael believes that you cannot take your love and marriage for granted. Being together is always a great job. Catherine and Michael are happily married for 13 years already.