10 Interesting and Little-Known Facts about Christmas


2. Burning a Yule log

Have you ever burned a Yule log on Christmas? This custom began with the ancient Scandinavians and it’s believed to bring good luck. Moreover, it’s believed that if you save the remnants of the log, you will have good luck the whole next year. I know many people who add the ashes from the Yule log to water to make it safer for drinking. Personally I have never tried to burn a Yule log on Christmas, but this year I will definitely try. I want to have a happy and successful year! I have lots of career plans and I hope this custom will help me. I also learned that people in many European countries believed that burning the Yule log brought beneficial magic and the log was kept burning for 12 hours and often 12 days, warming the house and people who lived in it. When the fire was quenched, people saved a little fragment of the wood and used it to light a Yule log of the next year. People believed that it would protect their houses from witchcraft.

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