10 Interesting and Little-Known Facts about Christmas


10. Christmas is the season to be elbowed

Christmas shopping is never an easy and fun experience, unless you do your shopping well in advance. It’s believed that you are elbowed about three times while you are doing the shopping during Christmas season. I believe that this number mostly depends on if the shopper is avid or not. If you fight with crowds of avid people in lines, you are going to get over three blows with an elbow. I hate to do my Christmas shopping the day before Christmas so I try to do it well in advance. Waiting in long lines, getting through a large group of people and hurry are not for me.

These are just a few incredible facts about Christmas. Some of them might seem weird these days, but I think it’s always interesting to learn something new. Christmas is the perfect time to make wonderful memories with family and friends and enjoy the festive spirit. What do you think about the facts about Christmas mentioned in this little article? Do you know any other facts? Please share them with us in the comments section.